Inspect the UI — like a PRO!

QuickLens is a suite of power tools for on-screen tasks like:

  • Zooming into Pixels
  • Measuring Dimensions and Angles
  • Sampling Colors and maintaining Palettes
  • Inspecting Alignments
  • Checking layouts with Grids
  • Overlaying Guides on multiple monitors
  • Checking real-time distances and bounding-boxes

All of the tools work at the Desktop level and stay on top of all Applications.

Controls everywhere

Every tool is uniquely powerful and contains a host of keyboard shortcuts to quickly get through your tasks. For MacBooks that support the Touch Bar, there are carefully chosen actions that can be invoked right from the Touch Bar. This speeds up the workflows for certain kinds of scenarios.

Additionally, there are global hotkeys for invoking a tool anywhere from your Desktop. You can configure them in the Preferences window.

Learn more about Keyboard Shortcuts, Touch Bar support and Global Hotkeys in Preferences.

Colors and Modes

QuickLens was designed to stay out of the way as much as possible. However, there can be situations where it can blend with your designs and make it difficult to see. This is why it comes with a quick color-switcher using a handy shortcut. By switching the primary color of the tools, you can pick one that gives you the maximum contrast and readability.

Separately, Light and Dark modes are not dependent on the System Preference! And why should it be? You should be able to use Light and Dark modes whenever you feel like. Shouldn't you? :-). This is why switching modes is also a keyboard shortcut away.

Learn more about switching Colors and Modes.

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