Monocle is a handy presentation tool that also serves as a mini-Lens. You can move it seamlessly between monitors, change shapes, sizes and dim rest of the screen to focus.

Table of Contents

Zooming in

Monocle allows zooming in from 1x to 32x. Use the shortcuts:

  • = to zoom in
  • - to zoom out

By default, the crosshairs and the pixel grid are not shown. Press the I key to see this along with other info. See more below.

The crosshair and pixel-grid are visible only for zoom levels 4X and above

Dimming rest of the screen

Monocle also serves as a handy presentation tool. It can bring focus to specific areas of the screen by dimming rest of the screen. This can be seen in the picture below.

There are few keyboard shortcuts that can make this easier to operate.

  • D: increase dimming
  • Shift D: decrease dimming
  • `: toggle dimming

You can see all of this in action in the video below.

Changing shapes

There are 3 shapes that you can cycle between: Circle, Rectangle and Square. Use the S key to cycle.

Changing sizes

Monocle has 6 size levels from the smallest to the largest. Use the [ key to decrease the size and ] to increase the size. This works across all shapes as well.

Showing info

To toggle the info bar, press the I key. The info bar shows the zoom level, color under mouse and if the Monocle is pinned. Toggling info also shows the crosshairs and pixel-grid. This only appears when the zoom level is 4X and above.

You can copy the current color in the info-bar using the Command C shortcut. It will copy it in the CSS Hex format.


Pinning the monocle freezes its location on the screen. This allows you to switch to other apps and use the mouse freely. The pinning status can be seen on the info-bar.

Toggle pinning using the Space key. You can also un-pin from the info-bar using the icon.

Moving around

You can also move the center of the Monocle using just the keyboard shortcuts. These are:

  • to move left by 1px
  • to move right by 1px
  • to move up by 1px
  • to move down by 1px

Hold the Shift key along with the above shortcuts to move by 10px instead.

Just like the center, you can move the Monocle itself using keyboard shortcuts. These are:

  • Command to move left by 1px
  • Command to move right by 1px
  • Command to move up by 1px
  • Command to move down by 1px

Once again, the Shift key comes in handy if you want to move by 10px. Hold it while you use the above shortcuts for a bigger jump.

Moving between monitors

All of these shortcuts ensure you can navigate between monitors with ease. As you move around, it will jump between monitors at the edges.

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  • Latest release build: 2.8.644