Colors & Modes

QuickLens gives you immense power to explore the UI, but sometimes it could blend too much with your designs. For example, in the below design, the Crosshair tool is almost unreadable! It definitely needs more contrast.

This is the reason we added the ability to switch colors on the fly. Using the shortcut Command E, you can cycle through all the supported colors. They are slightly different for the Light and Dark modes.

Light and Dark modes

Light and Dark modes are quite popular and address a need of dimming the bright colors we constantly look at. During the night time, darker colors are more soothing to the eye.

However, a Dark mode interface is also a personal style! This is why QuickLens allows you to switch between Light and Dark modes with a simple shortcut: Command Option E. It is not dependent on the System Preference and you are free to switch as and when you please!

All tools support both Light and Dark modes. We encourage you to try out both variations.

The Colors and Light/Dark modes can also be changed easily from the Preferences and from the Tool Palette

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